Thursday, December 16, 2010

When You Say Something Mean It

Sometimes people tell you one thing and then do another.  This never works in your own favor because you were counting on a certain thing to happen and then BAM it doesn't.  I am sure you know the feeling.  You know how let down you get and how you lose some trust for that person.  Try to live your life saying what you mean.  Try not to disappoint anyone, and never feel the feeling of regret because you did something you should not have.  Even if what you have to say is just to reinforce a fact then do it.  Do not be afraid.

In my only life, she was my mom, and I was her son.
I told her, 'It's OK if you fall in love again.'
She said, 'I won't fall in love again.'
I told her, 'I want you to'
She kissed me and said, 'I'll never fall in love again.'
I told her, 'You don't have to make it up so I won't worry.' (Foer)
Make people feel like you are someone whose opinion they value.  If you live like this then you will not regret the actions that you take because you know there will always be people to support you.  You will always have people on your side.  You know that you will be able to go into the future confident and not worried about the mistakes you may have made in the past. 

Do Not Dwell On The Past Or Future, Instead Live Each Day Like It Is Your Last And Never Regret What Is Said Or Unsaid

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