Thursday, December 16, 2010

Be There When It Matters

If you are a parent or just a supporter you should know that being there for a milestone is great.  You experience everything they do and you will have that memory to share with them forever.  Sometimes, however, you need to be there for the bad.  You need to be the shoulder they cry on, the rock that anchors them, or the person who stops them from doing the unthinkable. 
Ever since I can remember I've been caught in her ups and downs and all it leads to is this: me sitting in a dented car with a mother convinced she's about to drive herself off a cliff. (Dorris 15)
Fear naught.  I will save you tomorrow.  From yourself I will save you. (Miller 143)

Lyrics | The Fray lyrics - How To Save A Life lyrics

Do Not Dwell On The Past Or Future, Instead Live Each Day Like It Is Your Last And Never Regret What Is Said Or Unsaid

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