Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Past Is Not The Present

Judging people is the last thing you want to do as a person.  You yourself have been judged countless times whether you know of it or not. Every time a person meets someone new they judge them.  Whether it is based off of their looks, attitude, or their past.  Just because you know what they used to be like, that has no place to determine how they are now.  People can change and you may regret the stereotype you place on people. 
Though Sarah and Ben have different socioeconomic backgrounds, they made a suitable match. (Grisham)
A stereotype you give someone can change the way you get to know each other.  Who knows maybe this person was your soul mate and you just blew them off.  Life is full of so many decisions about your own life that we do not stop to think about other peoples lives as well. 

Do Not Dwell On The Past Or Future, Instead Live Each Day Like It Is Your Last And Never Regret What Is Said Or Unsaid

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